To access this portal you need to enter a username and a password. The composition of the username will be the first character of your firstname then followed by your surname (eg. JDELACRUZ), all characters must be in upper case character and no space in between.

The complete format of your login name is printed at the bottom of yur Enrollment Study Load which will be given to you once you are officilay enrolled. Then the enrolling officer at the Office of the Registrar will provide you with your temporary access password.

Once you have login successfully using the system's generated password, immediately click the link for the Change Password for you to change the temporary password by your own generated password, then click logout and re-login again to verify if you have successfully change the password.

If no errors will occur during the re-login process then you can now proceed and browse the different links that is of interest to you.

To avert any untoward unauthorized accessing of your account, kindly change your password periodically.